“0 0 5” Icon Trading – Dealfinder Beginner Guide


1. Introduction

First up, I am going to give you some basic information on what the 0 0 5 method actually is and what you need to know before using it.

The “0 0 5” as you probably know is referring to the settings in your Dealfinder menu.

0 average means you will always have current prices, that are updating every 10 minutes.

The 5% might sound a bit low at first and you would think that it´s not enough to make profit because of the EA Tax, but keep reading and I am
sure you will understand quickly.

This method focuses on users who might not have the big coins, but also for everyone who does not want to search many hours for that one big deal.

With this way of trading you will make Coins even if the market is low, no matter what time of the day.

All you need is patience and about 400k+ Budget.

Yes, you heard right, only 400k.

As this method only targets Icons under 400k, it will be enough for you to start

What Icons are we going to focus on?

Pretty much any icon that is playable under 400k.

The only Icons that I would most likely never trade are: Inzaghi 85, Litmanen
85, Schmeichel 86, Deco 85, Van Nistelroy 86.

As these Icons are the cheapest ones, they are not played often and mostly just sold from one trader to another.

What exactly are we doing with the 0 0 5 method?

Pretty simple – we snipe those low budget Icons 5% under market price, and list them 5% or even more above the
market price.

You might wonder … and why would someone buy these?

Because of the market fluctuations.

Let’s take an Icon that you would probably never think is
good to trade with as an example – Nakata.

His baby version is about 280k on average.

You will see him on the market for 270 quite often.

So what do you do?

First up, and this is key … LEARN PRICES.

The better you know the buy prices, the more confident you are on the market and the more coins you will make.

If you know the price and Nakata hits a low point buy/snipe him when he is at 270k, then list him for about 294-302k.

It will probably not be anywhere near the cheapest at that moment, but that does not matter.

Once more and more cards are bought, your card will come closer and closer to the cheapest buy now and will
sooner or later sell for that price.

How long does this take?

Often these fluctuations happen a few times a day.

Within a few hours you can buy and sell you deals and get about 7-10k per Deal.

Of course there are days where very few Icons are listed and not many people are buying.

On these days you must be patient but still be confident in buying when you think the price is right.

For everyone that read this far and is interested in trying it – let’s get you started.

2.How to get started

If you want to try this method and have the budget and time, your first step is to
learn your prices.

Of course Dealfinder is helping you with showing you potential deals, but as long as you have no clue what the player is actually worth, and what
you can sell him for, it’s all just like – buy and then pray that it’s not a fake deal.

Instead you will know instantly once you see a color if you can buy or not.

This makes the whole process way more effective and you will get more and more deals the more experience you have within the market.

How do you learn prices?

The easiest method is by just searching on 0 0 5 and checking out the prices of players, putting them on your watch list and check for
what they are selling during the day and night.

There are not that many Icons under 400k, so you will see the same Icons over and over and over again, and therefore you will know the prices sooner or later.

If you want to learn them even faster and also have something to check the prices if you forget the price of a specific player, I highly recommend using the Futbin tracker tool.

It’s a tool that provides you with all Icon prices and all the sales of every Icon in the last days.

In the next step I will explain how to use it.

3.How to use Futbin Tracker

To set up your own list of icons, go to https://www.futbin.com/tracker, on the right side you will find “favorites”.

Once you click on that, you will see a big window on the right with a lot of free spaces where you can put in the Icons of your choice.

Here I have an example of my Tracker list, with the most important icons under 400k.

I sorted them by positions so it’s easier to find a player

If you click on a player’s name, it will show you all the sales from the last hours and even days if you keep scrolling down.

4.Setting up your Fake Deals List

Once you have set up your tracker list and started to learn prices there is one more important thing that will help you a lot while working with this method.

In the Dealfinder menu you will have the option to put in your own fake deals.

With 0 0 5 and this small budgets you wont have many fake deals anyway, but I would highly suggest putting in the Icons that I mentioned in the introduction, so you won´t have to bother with them being marked as deals.

What I also do is put in almost every Icon of my tracker list and update their prices in the morning and in the evening.

This way every color you see has a very high chance of being an actual deal and therefore easy profit for you.

Here is an example of some players in my fake deals list (not the current prices).


I would suggest using slightly lower prices in the fake deals list than the actual in game and futbin tracker price, so you get that few extra coins profit.

Now that should be all information you need, to try it yourself.

Good Luck and have fun getting those deals!