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Good Morning fellow FIFA players! It’s your lovely football (american and world) aficionado!

We have the FIFA 21 21 reveal trailer dropping today at 11 AM EST / 4 PM UK. With the trailer dropping, FIFA 21 will start (finally) dying down, hopefully starting the countdown for the end of FIFA 21. I gotta say, even though the gameplay itself was utter horse dung, the content was superb compared to previous years (besides the Icon and milestones debacle, which I promise I’ll get too). I am able to create like 5 or 6 different teams of untradeable players, all with different players in each squad. It’s fantastic, and honestly, a lot of fun. I really enjoy being able to create squads, so the menu content has been on point for me in terms of squad-ability (new word).

I hope for FIFA 21, EA continues on their path with the menu content and the squad building portion. I hope that next year they do more, however. A lot of the other games I play (DOTA 2, League of Legends) with live content have much, MUCH more in terms of content, but it is nice to see that EA is striving towards that direction in some regards. Now, of course, I digress (as I’ll be doing a lot). I want to talk about my wish list for FIFA 21.

As we all know by now, FIFA 20 has been an utter debacle of crap. The gameplay has been below sub-par, with gameplay favoring an average rather then a skill gap, creating scenarios in which people who do not have a lot of skill in the game can fend toe-to-toe with those who DO have skill with the game. I hope that the development team at EA has taken a notice to that. Since the gameplay is starting to favor the low skill floor rather then a high skill ceiling, a LOT of high-level players are starting to drop the game. They feel (and honestly, a lot of people do too) that because the game naturally averages the skill out rather then let the higher-skilled player shine, all the practice they put in means nothing, creating stressful situations where they have 5 offensive players versus 10 defensive players, with money on the line.

With all that, I think it is time for my wish list (and, of course, some explanations as well). I’ll go down from icons to gameplay elements to different modes. Let’s start, shall we?


  • Gerd Muller (96+ overall striker with 5* wf)
  • Phillip Lahm (best RB of all time)
  • Samuel Eto’o (94 PIM, 92 overall IMO)
  • David Beckham (95 PIM, 93 overall. He didn’t sign with PES again, so I am assuming he is coming to FIFA)
  • Nemanja Vidic (Please EA, PLEASE)
  • Ashley Cole (English LB)
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger (German midfielder. He has to be in it.)
  • Ricardo Kaka (Now, he IS in the game, but he SORELY needs an update on his overall. Make it a 92 overall in his prime, and up his shooting and pace for god’s sake. His prime at AC milan was unreal, and he was the fastest player with the ball that I’ve ever seen. He deserves 97+ pace)
  • Johan Cruyff (Overall update. He literally changed football both as a player and a coach. Deserves a much higher overall)
  • Thierry Henry (5* WF or 5* skill with like +10 in balance. Minimum 80 balance on his Prime and PIM. He doesn’t deserve this slander that EA gives to him.)
  • Frenrec Puskas (97+ overall. theres a fricken award named after him)
  • Alfredo Di Stefano (95+ overall. Dude was one of the best players of all time as well)
  • David Suker (with a 5* WF. He was a legend back in the day, so he should still be in there now)
  • Adriano (4* WF hopefully, but he was fantastic as a player for a bit. 91 Prime, 93 PIM)
  • Gabriel Batistuta (Batigol. Come on now EA, this is 100% a legend of the game)
  • Edgar Davids (Glasses would be worth 5 mil just for the glasses alone)
  • Claudio Tafferel (Greatest brazilian GKer)
  • Paul Gascoigne (regarded as one of the most technical English attackers of all time)
  • Oleg Blohkin (Ballon D’or winner, and highly regarded as one of the best Russian players of all time)
  • Jimmy Greaves (regarded by Pele as the most naturally gifted footballer he has ever seen. God damn)
  • A better Marco Van Basten. Come on EA, give the man his credit. He deserves a 95+ rated Overall card with at LEAST 88 pace on his prime and a 5* WF, with higher physicality and dribbling. He is regarded as a top 3 striker of all time, with one of the greatest first touches ever seen.
  • Bobby Charlton
  • Franz Beckenbauer (probably the best defender of all time… IMO)
  • Michel Platini (one of the greatest players of all time)
  • Nesta/baresi. Fix these cards EA. they were both incredible players, with nesta noted as the MOST GRACEFUL ITALIAN DEFENDER WITH A TON OF PACE. Yet he has 74 pace at max and like 40 agility what the actual hell???????????? And Baresi was known as a bull dog Libero, and yet he has low aggression. What the hell? fix these cards please.


  • Remove Drop back and any sort of “come back on defense” player tactic. The only instructions should be shoot forward or be balanced.
  • Remove auto-blocks from the game. If you aren’t controlling the player, the AI will not throw the player’s body in the way to block shots.
  • Buff headers. Not to FIFA 19 points, but so that they work at least 25% more. It’s an utter travesty that it is a pot luck for headers. If my player has a clean shot with the header, it should go in.
  • Buff Crossing + through balls. It isn’t talked about enough, but crossing is utter shit in the game. You should be able to do better crosses from further back into the box, IE like what Trent Alexander-Arnold did versus Chelsea on July 22nd. Same goes for through balls. If I do a through ball at the circle at the top of the box to my player, it shouldn’t be over shot EVERY SINGLE TIME. If I have a clear lane and angle, the through ball should be perfect for my player to strike. It’s crap that through balls only work when you are behind the half-way line. The closer you get to the box, the more erratic they get.
  • Fix Offensive AI and pathing. It’s utter bollocks how shit the pathing is in the game. If I see a clear lane in front of my player as he runs to the side, for some god awful reason, the game makes you pass the ball right to their defender. That should not be happening. If my player is through with a good through ball around the defender, it should work. That means the defender was defending poorly. Not only that, Offensive AI is complete dung in the game. In the box, your player literally stays still unless you pass the ball to the side. They never move or try and make runs. This causes everyone to clog the center, and pretty much make passing into the box a crap shoot. Fix it, please
  • Dribbling. I don’t think this needs TOO many fixes, but please buff Roulette and other dribbling moves. Roulette should be a lot better, especially if when you do it you have a clear path around the defender
  • Nerf Jockeying. It’s absolutely nuts how you can pass a defender with a skill move, but because they are able to jockey, they get right back in front of you randomly.
  • Animations. For the love of god, please fix the animations of the game. Someone with 90+ everything in every dribbling statistic should not be moving like a truck. It doesn’t matter if you are 6’5″ or 5’5″, there are just some players that in real life move so gracefully. FIX THIS. Body types should NOT determine how well the players should play in the game, the STATS should. This will make squad-ability better, as those clunky players in FIFA 20 will finally move better.
  • Finishing. Please fix finishing. It’s utter bollocks how many times I hit the post with my TOTSSF CR7. He has literally 99 in every finishing stat, he shouldn’t be hitting the post if he has a free lane. Also, cross goal shots should be better, and driven shots should be better as well.


  • Fix this please. Just because I want to make a 6’2″ player, doesn’t mean they should feel like utter crap in the game. Also, why the hell does being a 6’2″ 150 lb player make him stocky and crap to move in the game? In real life that is severely underweight. Fix this. Thierry Henry was 6’2″ and was mega graceful in real life. Being 5’2″ does not make the best football player. I thought it was known that the “ideal” body type for some players is around 5’10/5’11”. So why in the world does EA nerf the ever living crap out of those heights? Please fix.
  • There are still numerous bugs and issues in career mode. For the be a player career mode, you are nerfed into oblivion if you make anyone over 5’5″. You can never get your pace more then 90+ if you make any player at 6’2″. I say this: make some objectives repeatable. You SHOULD be able to grind into being a 99+ overall player with 99 in every stat. It should just take many, many hours of playing be a player career mode. STOP NERFING PLAYABILITY OF A MODE JUST BECAUSE. If someone has time and loves the mode, FREE THEM. #freetheplayers
  • Pro clubs- same issues as above in regards to creating players, but please fix the positioning thing. I should be able to make a player at ANY position, like CM. Also, give more points. If I play long enough, I should be able to get a 95+ overall player at ANY height and weight. Now, of course, I’m talking hundreds upon hundreds of hours, but my point still stands.


Of course, there is a LOT more to complain, but for me, these are the biggest things I want to see fixed/added to the game in FIFA 21. #EAPLEASE. I didn’t even talk about the content, because, well, that’s another post (which will come, I promise)

Signing off,



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