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You can be miles ahead of your friends by using a simple extension designed for Google Chrome, improving your trading ability significantly the minute you start. Trading has never been easier. The extension is safe to use, non-detectable, listed on the google chrome store and it is NEITHER a bot nor an auto buyer.

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A very helpful Discord, many Top 100 Traders, great community.

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Our Discord provides you with tons of additional guides and our brilliant mod team will help you every step of the way.

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You just pay once for the product, depending on how long you want to use it. No subscription, no hassle. Safe Payments via PayPal.

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We started this with the motivation to give everyone their personal Dream Team. Football is Football and its a sport for the people, with the people. If you fire up your PS4 or PS5 or Xbox, you should be able to play for fun and not get easily smashed by some Coin-Boosted teams.
TradePro levels the playing field, everyone is able to build their dream team. Everyone.

i’ve been here since day 1 and my trading profit of 102’096’284 Coins should speak for itself i could go on forever about how much i love the extension but it’s not needed look at the number and all i have to say is thank you to the entire team!

Leo, Discord

Started off 2 weeks ago with 3 mil budget within the 2 weeks I’ve made 2.2 mil to take me to 5.2 mil and able to buy mbappe toty who was my end game card. Crazy how much you can do in 2 weeks with the extension even on xbox (where the market is dead).

JohnK, Discord

Yeah, not gonna lie… This traderpro is the best thing ever to happen for players of FUT. I made 2,1M in 12 days. Started with 300k on the 17th of April, yesterday i was on 2.4m liquid… I can’t imagine what i can do with this in a couple of months. GG and thanks to the admins and mods. Never have i experience a discord with so much honesty and on top of that a helpful community…

Laere, Discord

Not really anything to do with profit but I just want to extend a special thank you and a show of my appreciation to all the mods in here, sov and the team, without your tiring work this would not be possible at all; this is the first discord/trading server I’ve ever been in that you guys care about the customers and treat them as such, rather than just a number on your patreon, so thank you for the constant updates, care, support and hard work, it’s very much appreciated, I’ve just renewed for another year! Let’s keep it going lads!

Gorre, Discord

I know I’m no where near some of the crazy levels of Profit some of the people here are making, but as someone who doesn’t have the time to trade that often this extension has allowed me to use cards that I want to use that I’d never ever be able to get without it, the whole team is great and quick to help whenever you have an issue, here’s my team that I’m using atm, would have never been able to get anywhere near as good a team without this amazing extension, I’m hoping to pump even more time into TP now to learn as much as possible before the start of next year!



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