Hi guys, in this article we will give you a short overview and insight on how to use the DEALFINDER.

A few things first:
1. the DEALFINDER is incredibly powerful. I was able to be in the TOP 25 of Transferprofit in FIFA20 and we had the DEALFINDER at this level since May. (We have even improved since). So can you do it? Yes. I have a stressful job and a toddler and I was able to make it. So you can do it, too.

2. the DEALFINDER is no auto buyer. You still need to put some time in it. Not as much as the hardcore traders out there – but you have to read our guides and/or give it a few days until you are successful.

3. There is no better way to make coins. Full stop. Lots of Patreons out there tell you lots of things and then you end up with 200k profit in a month, still doing most on your own. Thats just not worth it.

Lets start!



Okay, the most important thing first: Your brain!
You have to forget thinking hard about the big profit on one single card. Just stop it. Every user of DEALFINDER has one day a HUGE deal. Some have 3 in a row. Yes. But you can’t wait for it. It will come. But in the meantime you miss out on so many coins. So stop hunting the big ones. Put in just 10% more time and roll with the small ones. We have tons of data and statistics on DEALFINDER. Here is the outcome of this data:

Those guys hunting the big deals only do on average 4x times LESS profit than those using the below strategy. In the short version, I won’t explain much in detail – I will soon publish a long version for more details for those that really want to fully dive in.



The DEALFINDER has every card worth more than 5k coins in the database. So you can use it for a TON of different cards. You could go for Rare Golds in Premier League. You could go for UCL cards only. Later on you could go for all French special cards. There are TONS of possibilities.


This guide focusses on ICONS for three reasons:

1. Its easier to find good ranges, as ICON prices are more stable than others

2. Icons are reliable. There are no newly issued cards except the predefined Baby, Medium, Prime (and then at a later stage PIM) and they are not as much under the influence of Promos.

3. Icons are always popular thanks to chemistry. Most of them are somewhat playable, so supply and demand is always well balanced.

Another thing about ICONs is: the more Promos are out, the more popular ICONs are. Now, in the beginning, you can easily build a squad with Premier League only and therefore not have any issues with Chemistry. Soon, you will see top players from other Leagues and people will want to mix. Then an ICON comes very handy. Therefore ICONs have long term sustainability and its getting better every single day on DEALFINDER with ICONs.

BUT: Right now and if you have still a low amount of coins, it might be MUCH easier for you to go for Non Icons. One of the most important things to do in trading is: Make use of all your coins. Coins that just are there in your account, don’t make little coin babies. They are dead coins. So if you have coins in your account, don’t log out. Find some promising deals. Fill your transfer list.
You can use all of the strategies below for ANY card and ANY good filter with the DEALFINDER.



There are two different price developments with ICONS in FIFA that you have to be aware of:


The above is the chart for Baby BUTRAGUENO today (on a Saturday). Does look quite stable but it actually has a whopping 10% price difference. (1.1M morning to 1.22M evening). Lets check another one:

This one is Baby ESSIEN last Thursday. I picked a random other Icon and a random other day. The difference for this one during just one day is – again – 10% (900k to 998k).

If you snipe an ICON during the right times of the day for 5% under his regular price, you can SURELY sell him later (or latest overnight) for MINIMUM 5-10% higher. Of course EA takes their lousy tax on a sale (5%) but that still leaves us with a nice 10% profit.

Be aware of the time of the day you are sniping:

Mornings can have low prices.
Lunchtime is always a nice tick up.
Afternoon goes slightly down.
Evening goes always up from 7-8pm UK time.
Nighttime is always up (as supply goes down – less supply=higher price).

Meaning: If you snipe in the evening, always put your percentage a bit higher (lower price) so you dont struggle with selling later.



The second pattern in FIFA is the WEEKLY price wave. It works alongside Weekend League and Promos.
Every Promo is a bit different, so there is no simple rule for this one. But let me explain the weekly wave with regards to Weekend League. FIFA players are not smart. Not many are buying their team in advance. Many start doubting their team last minute and then sell for a loss just to buy quickly a new player. You can profit from this by thinking long term. Let me explain what happens during a normal FIFA week:

Many players finalise their games in Weekend League. You will see lots of them selling their teams. Either they weren’t happy and got beaten up or they want to use coins during the week for trading. This means, many people are selling and therefore the SUPPLY goes up and the DEMAND is low, meaning prices go DOWN.

Those who haven’t sold on Sunday, will sell on Monday. You will see the market continuing to go DOWN.

A few (smart people) are buying their teams for the next weekend league. Not many though, the market in general is VERY dead on a Tuesday. Not much happening here at all. The market STAGNATES and prices dont move much. (There is one exception: If there is a Promo coming and you see a starting screen that gets people excited, many people will SELL everything they have to be as liquid in coins as possible.)

The market recovers and starts to RISE slowly.

Most people are working on their Weekend League teams. All Icons that are playable, will go UP from here, especially the popular ones.

The market on a Friday can be a very tricky one. Mostly everything just keeps going up. Sometimes an upcoming Promo messes with it, which means prices will crash in the morning (if people are excited about the Promo) and then go up significantly in the late evening.

just like Tuesday, this can be a very boring trading day. Prices normally stagnate or go slightly down.


So, what do you do with this information?

Easy: Buy as much as you can on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday for 5% under market price. Then list and list and list for 10-15% OVER marketprice and overnight until its sold. This strategy is mostly for those with more time.

If you dont have many coins, go for the daily waves.
If you have many coins, go for both.


Here comes my personal special, which I know very much enjoy since we have the new FAKE DEALS function:
Avoid the shitty ICONs.

there are always the same FAKE DEALS popping up on some specific Icons. You can find most of them in our #fake-deals channel in the Discord.
I also go to futbin, display Baby Icons only and then I take the 10 first cheap Icons in the list and put them into the FAKE DEAL settings in the DEALFINDER. I always put them in at 100k only, so they only pop up for me if they are REALLY REALLY good deals.

So right now, I would put the following ICONs in my fake deals list:

and in addition of course those that were posted RECENTLY in the fake deals list in our discord.


If you did the above and read all the text, here is a filter you can use for ICONS if you have sth like 1M to snipe:

You will find lots and you will be able to sell fast for a small profit. Don’t forget that EA will take 5% tax from you when you sell. So this means that you snipe for the above and then list for 5% over marketprice. And re-list and re-list and re-list. Dont stop. Dont change price (only up). You will sell.

If you do not have a million coins yet. Not a problem. Two ways to change this:

1. Ask in our Discord for a filter that works well for today. If I give you a filter now, it can be worthless next week. Or find a filter yourself. Is there a big trend for a specific Promo? Then search only for players of this Promo. If people are crazy about this promo because the players are very playable, then go for it.
Premier League also always works. Try to focus on one position, otherwise the list with the search results is too big. So for example, Premier League, ST, 50k – 400k. (Don’t use exactly this one, please try and find a good one that works for you). Then use settings 1-0-10 and you will find all players 10% cheaper than the average market price during the last day.

2. Follow the AMAZING trading tips in our DISCORD. Honestly, if you just do one week of trading, using all the tips in there, you will make a very good amount of coins.

This is it for now. More to come.