The Dealfinder is a powerful tool that can make you a TON of coins in FIFA21. It is NOT a bot and NOT an auto buyer. It is a tool that helps you as a display Wirth

Here is a simple explanation on how to install it until first use. 

See our other guides for best practices in using dealfinder, this one is installation only. 


IMPORTANT – Please check these first, before starting the process:

1. is your google chrome browser in english? Yes = good

2. are you using incognito mode? Yes = bad, please change to normal


Okay – lets start!

1. Download You can download the dealfinder here:
Click on “ADD TO CHROME”


2. It will ask you in a popup window if you’re okay with our extension read data on the webapp. If you are, please press okay. If not, well – then this guide ends here ;) 


3. The Dealfinder is now in your browser extensions list. In some versions of google, go to the top right, there you can see the little puzzle symbol, It looks like this:

Click on that symbol and you will find the DEALFINDER. If you click on the little PIN SYMBOL, you can find it more easy later on. This is how the PIN Symbol looks like: 

4. After pinning the DEALFINDER in your browser extension list, you see the little Futstarz logo and this is what opens the DEALFINDER. Click On It and you see the login:

5. At this point the Dealfinder will ask you to put in your email and password. You can find both in the email you received after signing up! Please check your spam folder if you cant find it. It always is in the email you received after signing up!


6. After logging in, google chrome will again ask you if this extension is allowed to read data on our server. This is necessary, because otherwise we cant confirm if your password is right. 

In some cases, after confirming this window, you have to login again. So if you run into an issue at this point, please close your browser, open it again and go the the FIFA21 Webapp website. 

When you then click on the DEALFINDER logo on the top right of your browser, this is what you should see now – the DEALFINDER:


7. The first thing should always be: Go to SETTINGS and enter your license key! The license key is ONLY needed if you signed up via the website. If you signed up via PATREON, you can ignore this step.
The license key always comes with the invoice after payment. Please check your emails!

Put the license key in and click ACTIVATE.


8. Go back and click on DEALFINDER in the menu on top. Then you should see the above window again. 


9. First thing, select your platform: PS4 or XBOX. Just click on the symbol so you see it with colours – that means it is activated. 


10. Select your average: Set this to “0” for now – as this means you are using CURRENT prices and compare everything you see as search results on the transfer market with current market prices.


ATTENTION: SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO CLOSE THE DEALFINDER AND THEN OPEN IT AGAIN and only then you are able to put in the ‘0” instead of the “9”

We dive into the other settings with more detail in the “HOW TO USE THE DEALFINDER” Guide. 


11. Go back to your browser and open the FIFA21 Webapp. Done. The installation process is finished.


12. You can test your installation by going to the TRANSFERMARKET in the FIFA WEBAPP, perform a search for ICON players as an example and then click on a random player. 

On the player card you should be able to see way more information now:

On the lower left you see FUTSOVs Price. 

We explain all of this in a separate guide – if you see all of the info on the player card it means your DEALFINDER works! Congrats!

If you dont see any of this and not even the FUTSOV price with NaN, then please follow the bug guide below first before contacting us on Discord! 



  1. If you have the DEALFINDER AND the FUTSTARZ extension, please go to your chrome extensions overview and FULLY deactivate the FUTSTARZ extension. You dont need it, its included in the DEALFINDER anyway. 
  1. REFRESH the browser window with the FIFA21 Webapp. This solves 90% of your issues. Honestly. Do it. Do it twice to be safe, do it three times! ;)
  1. Here is another workaround if the above didn’t help yet: 
    1. close the FIFA21 browser window
    2. log out of the extension
    3. go to your chrome extensions
    4. click CLEAR ALL on extension ERROR overview
    5. refresh extension (little refresh symbol)
    6. log in to extension
    7. choose your console (<- this gets lost a lot, please choose it)
    8. choose a different percentage
    9. open new window FIFA21 browser web app

4. Make sure Google is NOT in incognito mode

5. Make sure your google browser is in english


A few extra tips as we are in the very beginning of this season:

1. Not all prices are live yet, it will take a few days.

2. To join the Discord, use the link in your signup email. It’s there, trust us. Have a look in your spam folder. use the search function of your inbox and search for DEALFINDER or DISCORD

3. Prices not showing/ colours not showing -> please exercise all steps in the bug guide. Make 100% sure you did all of that before approaching the support team

4. Why are some prices showing NaN? Well, Please see point 1 ;)

5. All other errors: Please go through the BUG GUIDE above.