Dealfinder User Guide


Select your platform

This determines which consoles prices will be displayed – choose the console you play on


Select your Average in days

0 = CURRENT PRICES (most recent)
7 = WEEKLY AVERAGE (most safe)

or if Futstarz API is selected use 0 ( Futstarz API gives super accurate prices and is the recommended choice )


Target Profit Amount 

IF (and only IF) you want to search cards with target profit amount in COINS, you define here the profit you want to have per card.
15,000, 20,000 or more are recommended to start with
If you want to search via profit in PERCENTAGE, please set this field to 0

Target Percentage Amount

If you want to search via percentage, just put in the percentage amount you want to use.

IF you want to search via amount in coins instead, please put a “0” in here.


You want to search for cards on PS4 that have a minimum of 45,000 profit based on current prices

Your Settings are

Tick box of Console PS4


you think its better on a Tuesday to search via percentage.

you decide to look for 10% on all cards based on the last 2 days average.

Your Settings are:


Tick box of Console PS4



Tax Calculator – 

enter the price you paid in the Bought For section

enter the price you want to sell for in the Sell For section

This will calculate the PAT ( Profit after tax ) you will receive after selling a card at the entered value.


Search Warning

will notify you if your searching too quickly – recommended

Transfer List size 30 

will display 30 cards per page as opposed to the default 20 – this will be a personal preference based on screen size and pc/mac specifications

Show percentage margin 

Choose between a % display or margin showing how much a player is compared to your chosen filters

Bid Spot

ONLY use this feature if your looking to BID on cards and not snipe.

This will highlight cards that are under priced compared to the chosen filters


Improve Styling of Transfer Market

Improves the display of the transfer market – recommended


License Key 

Displays how long is left of your subscription – you enter your license key when you subscribe or re subscribe ( check your profile on the website or your email address for your license key )



Built in shortcuts for the FIFA 21 WEBAPP – these allow you to use your keys to perform actions on the webapp as opposed to manual clicking.

Make sure only to use letters or numbers for shortcuts if you decide to change them

Also ensure you don’t use the same key twice.


Custom Prices 

Allows you to over-ride prices with your own custom prices

For example, you might want to snipe a specific player always only under price XXXX.

You can use this feature to set this player to this specific price.



you can also import others custom lists from the #custom list channel in discord.

The video below shows you how to do this.


Lingering Toolbar 

check the time the closer you get to the 59 min and add up the time that is written in white to the 59:XX …you do this till you are over 1hr

then move page forward one

Deals are loaded the moment you land on the page making this very effective as you don’t have to back out and search as often.

If you see a transfer listing with 1 hour or more then you need to back out and search again in order to see fresh results.


See the below video for an example


Card data explained

Main Page Display

EVERY COLOUR IS A DEAL! There is no difference in colours, they all say one message

If you set your percentage to 50%, every coloured deal means its 50% under the average you set

– When you successfully buy a player you will notice colours on other cards will briefly flash, DO NOT BUY these cards




















Page Skipper Tutorial

the below video shows how to find out If your filter is Working and how to find Out how many Pages you need to skip

[jnews_element_embedplaylist scheme=”dark” playlist=””]


Hints and Tips

– Make sure to zoom out within chrome. Meaning, go to Chrome/VIEW/ZOOM OUT

– During a fast moving transfer market, ALWAYS LOG OUT AND LOG IN AGAIN before sniping – as this makes sure your prices are always up to date.

If you never do that, the extension sometimes gets triggered by old prices floating somewhere in the cache, leading to losses.

– be patient with the extension. It will make you millions in a short time, but it takes a bit until you get used to it

– the DEALFINDER rules are 1 account per extension.

– when posting screenshots outside of discord do not display the page skipper, don’t want others getting ideas also be careful not to display your account name

– use incognito mode on chrome – because incognito mode doesn’t save cookies or cache information it means the transfer list is much less buggy.


Code of Conduct

– the DEALFINDER rules are 1 account per extension.

No login sharing is allowed and will be detected and lead to automatic deactivation of the login

If you wish to trade on multiple accounts you will need to purchase another membership, this will be closely monitored

– we closely monitor the speed you purchase cards at, if this drops below a certain threshold we are alerted and you risk having your account banned.

we have 0 tolerance when it comes to Auto buyers or the use of macros in conjunction with Dealfinder