FIFA20 had and still has a huge amount of users. We expect FIFA21 to be even bigger – as there are also two new consoles being launched (PS5 and new Xbox). It is simple maths:
More users – more activity on transfer market.

We have a lot of insight into the numbers of the trading world in FIFA and even with 5’000 users it would still be possible for every user to get 20-30 great deals per day. So we are not concerned about the number of users at all for now.

Our most important value since the start of our Discord was always:FAIR PLAY for all users. We banned people using Macros (although that meant to have less income), we massively improved the security of the DEALFINDER, etc.

This was always our credo: Help every single user to be able to afford and build his dream team. This will always be our highest goal.

Long story short: If we figure that it’s too much and users don’t profit enough, we will limit the number of users immediately.