The DEALFINDER is an extension for the google chrome browser. It works locally in your browser and does not meddle in any way with EA code. If you perform a search on the transfer market, the DEALFINDER looks at the prices you see and compares them with our own database of prices. By doing this, it gives you a signal, as soon as a player card is cheaper than normal. This is obviously much faster than comparing prices manually and you also don’t have to know all the latest player prices yourself.

You can define in the settings, which results you want to be highlighted. We have a database of all cards with an average price of last 7 days, 2 days or 24h. Or you can just compare the price of a card to the latest market rate, updated every 10 minutes in our backend.

You can also define in the settings, which highlights you want to see. Do you want to see all cards 10% cheaper than normal? Or do you want to hunt big deals only and define 30%? Totally up to you, you can make your own choice in the settings.

We regularly have recommendations in our discord for the perfect settings, depending on market conditions. you can rely on the dealfinder and our expertise to make trading in FIFA very easy and profitable. With the DEALFINDER and many different channels and guides we help you all the way to your first 10 Million Coins and further.