You might already know our DEALFINDER extension. It sits in the browser and helps you to find the best deals on the transfermarket SUPER fast.

But thats not all! We also now realeased a completely new FREE extension. It is different from the DEALFINDER and not a “light version”. The FUTSTARZ extension is your little helper in everyday FIFA stuff.


You can define keyboard shortcuts for all important things you need on the FIFA transfermarket and you instantly have a little helper in the everyday FIFA things you do on the webapp, sitting just there as an extension.

It also tracks your investments: Whenever you buy players and leave them in your UNASSIGNED PILE, the total value of the players will be displayed in our toolbar.

Just like with the dealfinder, you can ask us any time with any questions regarding this nice little tool. We will help you anytime with the setup.

You can download it for free here. No catch – no premium version, etc, just free. Designed by us, for you – the players.