Overpriced Selling Technique


Commonly referred to as ÜV and popular in the german Fut trading community , this can be an effective more “hands off” method of trading that doesn’t require much actual time searching for players if you compare it to more time-intense trading methods like Icon flipping (without DEALFINDER) or sniping.

It also doesn’t require much research into trends.



Identify players that you think will be in demand , you can use the futbin popular players tab to help you find suitable candidates, there should also be room to make a profit so avoid buying players where they are close to their price cap.

There is also a really effective method that is in somewhat of a grey area that takes advantage of overlapping price ranges of special cards where you can purchase a cheaper, lower rated version and list it slightly cheaper than the current market price of the higher rated card.

The best way to pick up targets is to check your total budget and divide it by 100.

You want 100 players on your list selling at all times.

Work out your budget per player and head to futbin and filter the minimum price to 5k below your per player budget and  max price your per player maximum budget.

Then filter by popularity as mentioned above.

example – you have an 800k budget then this gives you 8k per player

Make sure you diversify the cards you pick up,  try to buy as many different cards as you can, over time you can notice trends of which ones sell most often and I’d encourage you to track this.

The cards you go for should be useable in teams so 81 and up is recommended, along with having appropriate chemistry styles for the position and all cards should either be fresh ( 7 contracts) or with 99 contracts.

Don’t list the player for Max Bin, using the FUTSTARZ toolbar you can use the get price function which will return the players current market price

I would aim for 1k profit on cards below 5k and between 5k -20k on cards valued up to 100k 

You must ensure that listings are always for 1hr and you need to constantly relist every hour.

When you go to bed, list for 12hrs.

Once you have the coins to invest 100k per player you would be far better off using the DEALFINDER as even with 30 minutes of picking up players you would make more profit than using this method.

This is a fantastic alternative to those without the means to use our extension.



the best time to pick up players is on a Sunday evening when weekend league sell off is in full swing or whenever you spot an investing opportunity (card crashes in price for example)


Pros and cons 


Can be used across many different cards 

Over time you can figure out the cards which work best 


Requires incredible patience , often having the same card on your list for up to a month

Does require some initial work identifying the right targets 

Will leave your transfer list full so you can do any other trading methods