DEALFINDER – A Chrome Extension for FIFA 21

Our magic tool. 100% client side – 0% bans – browser display only! No bots – no macros! The DEALFINDER helps you identify a great deal on the transfer market in the fraction of a second.

Be faster! Snipe better!  Our members do a combined 400 Million Coins Profit/Month!

So how does it work?
Well, we explain everything of course in the Discord and have a team and also many members who will help you figure it out quite fast. And of course the Discord with a ton of trading tips, investment tips, squad and formation guides and much more is included in the Dealfinder subscription.

Here is the easy summary – as it is easy to use:

You perform a search on the transfer market – and our extension will help you identify a great deal on the transfer market. Meaning you don’t have to do the numbers or look a player price up. You search and the moment the search results pop up, you will instantly see with a colour code whats a good deal.
Of course everyone has a different understanding of “whats a good deal”. For some, 5% under the regular market price is already a good deal – others wont bother unless its 20% under market rate.

So we gave you full control – you can define yourself what the dealfinder shall show you.

Important: The dealfinder is not a bot – it is a pure display in your local browser that does not tamper by any means with any code of the game or web app itself . We don’t want anyone to utilise it together with a macro or auto-buyer!  This is why we built-in detection programs to shut down those who utilise these tools and bots. Our community is a trader community, from the players for the players.

Using the dealfinder will give you the chance to buy and snipe the best players within the game. You always wanted that Gullit? If you follow our guides, you will have him play in your team. We promise.

And here is the thing: sometimes you even get lucky and snipe one of the really crazy deals. Here are some examples: